Loan Application Checklist

Application Information:
Two year employment history
Two year address history
List of all bank accounts
List of all current debts, including credit cards, installment loans, child support, alimony, etc.
List of all Real Estate Owned with corresponding mortgage, tax, and property insurance information
Credit Documentation:
Copy of driver’s license
Most recent paystubs to cover a full 30 days
Last two years W-2 and 1099 forms and any K-1 statements
If retired, a copy of any pension/SSI award letters or monthly distribution statements
Complete filed income tax returns for two years with all schedules, all pages required
If self-employed, copy of most recent two years business tax returns
Last two months bank statements – all pages, unless you bank with FNB of TN
Most recent retirement statement and investment account statements – all pages
Any other pertinent financial documentation, if applicable, including Divorce Decree, Parenting Plan, Leases, Employment Contract, etc.
Purchase Pre-Qualify:
Approximate price range of home you are interested in shopping for
General area you want to shop for a home