10/05/2023: The Power of Updating

Cyber attackers are constantly looking for and finding new vulnerabilities in the software you use every day. This software may run your laptop, the mobile apps on your smartphone, or perhaps even the software in your thermostat. Cyber attackers take advantage of and exploit these software vulnerabilities, allowing them to remotely break into systems, including […]

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09/06/2023: Online Security for Kids

Our kids’ lives are online today more than ever, from socializing with friends and gaming, to online learning and education. So how can we help our kids make the most of online technology, safely and securely?       View Newsletter Source: https://www.sans.org/newsletters/ouch/online-security-kids-23/

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08/02/2023: The Power of Password Managers

Passwords are often one of the most painful and confusing security behaviors we teach people, and yet passwords are also often one of the greatest risks to most organizations. Like most people, you likely find creating, managing, and remembering all your different passwords a daunting task. It seems like every website has different password rules […]

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07/05/2023: Stop Those Phone Call Scams

David was busy watching his favorite streaming series when he got a phone call from a number he did not recognize. The area code was the same as his, so he assumed it was someone local and answered the phone. Right away David was asked to confirm his full name. The caller then stated that […]

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06/07/2023: Securing Your Financial Accounts

Your financial accounts are a primary target for cyber-criminals. You have money, and they will do anything to steal it. By financial accounts, we mean not only your checking or savings accounts, but also investments, retirement, and online payment accounts like PayPal. Fortunately, with some simple, fundamental steps, you can protect yourself.   View Newsletter […]

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