05/03/2023: Artificial Intelligence: What to Know

What is It and Why Should I Care? Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes systems programmed to think and respond like humans. In fact, we asked the AI solution ChatGPT that very question and got this response. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to […]

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04/05/2023: Scareware: A Story

Warning! Your computer is infected with Black Basta ransomware. Call this phone number right away to fix your computer! – If you saw this warning pop-up on your computer, would you call the phone number?   View Newsletter Source: https://www.sans.org/newsletters/ouch/scareware/

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03/01/2023: Digital Spring Cleaning in 7 Simple Steps

We often hear of the term “spring cleaning,” the time of year when we go through our belongings and organize our house and lives in preparation for the upcoming summer. This is also the perfect time to take an annual review of your digital life. The following seven simple steps, taken once a year, will […]

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02/01/2023: Do I Need Security Software?

When you bought a new computer years ago, you often had to install additional security software on your computer to help ensure it was secure against cyber attackers. However, most of today’s computers and devices have numerous security features already built into them, such as automatic-updating, firewalls, disk encryption, and file protection. In addition, Microsoft […]

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01/04/2023: Biometrics – Making Security Simple

Do you hate passwords? Are you tired of constantly logging into new websites or can’t remember all of your complex passwords? Frustrated by having to generate new passwords for new accounts or having to change old passwords for existing accounts? We have good news for you. There is a solution called biometrics that helps make […]

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