Debit Card Controls (Powered by SecurLOCK™)


Debit Card Control. Anytime. Anywhere.

Instantly protect yourself from fraud by customizing debit card controls and real-time alerts.

Card Controls - Wallet Screen Card Controls - Home Screen Card Controls - Details Screen Card Controls - Location Controls Screen

Card Controls - Transaction Types Screen Card Controls - Merchant Types Screen Card Controls - Threshold Amount Screen Card Controls - Threshold Amount Screen

Turn Debit Card On/Off

Lost or Stolen Debit Card? Turn your card off instantly. If card is found, then turn the card back on.


Receive Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time push notifications on your phone. Choose to be alerted on all purchases or specific purchases.  


Establish Spending Limits

Trying to stay on budget? Set a dollar threshold for purchases.  


Locations, Merchant, & Transaction Controls

Control where and how your debit card is used. Block international purchases or create specific “regions” where your card purchases will be accepted.

Take control of your debit card and help prevent fraud by downloading the FNBOTN mobile app today.

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